Epsilon DLS ''B'' Advance

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Condition: Used-New

EPSILON DLS: the 10th of its kind, now named DLS. What zako? Durable Lightweight Structure, so you'll keep it longer! An ultra-easy-to-handle "B" wing, with playful behavior and disconcertingly easy handling at every stage (inflation, flight, landing), it'll also take you to the "walk & fly" thanks to its reduced weight. This is the "Swiss Army knife" par excellence (of course, it's an Advance, so it's Helvetic!), with no headaches and an accomplished look! With a Boundless harness, you'll be the king of oil! And you'll have to be, because the budget will be with it; but then, when you like it, you count less... and considering you're going to keep it for 10 years...

4 290,00 €

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