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Terms & Conditions


Registration for A2L-PARAPENTE services implies full acceptance of these terms and conditions by the subscriber, who undertakes to inform each participant of all terms and conditions.


A2L-PARAPENTE offers the supervision and teaching of outdoor sports on behalf of independent instructors.
All our activities are supervised and taught by state-qualified guides (B.E.E.S / D.E.J.E.P.S or with a valid professional training agreement). in their respective disciplines and meeting their legislative obligations (U.R.S.S.A.F, R.C.P, D.D.C.S.P.P declaration, professional cards).


All our activities must be booked in advance. There are several ways of doing this: by filling in the online booking form or by contacting A2L-PARAPENTE directly by e-mail, telephone or at the reception desk.
A deposit may be required to confirm your reservation.
Partially or fully paid flights must be completed before the structure's seasonal term of presence, generally the end of April in Guadeloupe and mid-September in Saint Gervais Mont Blanc.
After this date, no refund can be requested from the participant or customer.
An expiry date clearly appears on the gift card activation code, in the form of 30/08/2023In this case, the date is August 30, 2023.
The director of A2L-parapente reserves the right, at his or her discretion, to offer a commercial solution to the applicant, subject to the condition of no conflictual behaviour and acceptance of A2L-parapente's internal regulations.
Any service not carried out, for weather, physical or various event reasons, with or without the possibility of postponement by one or other of the parties, in the case of a refund accepted & initiated by A2L-parapente may be charged the sum of 2 euros for bank transaction management fees if no appointment has been initiated before the aforementioned deadline.


A2L-PARAPENTE prices are shown on the website and in the activity catalog available at reception.
Prices include: organization, supervision by a qualified guide and the loan of technical and safety equipment required for the chosen activity.
Certain products include the possibility of loaning equipment on request.
In all cases, please refer to the product data sheet, available on our website or on request.
Prices do not include: rental of course equipment, transport to the activity site (meeting point and practice site) unless otherwise agreed in advance, and personal expenses (ski lifts, plane tickets, etc.).
For day trips, meals (picnic, water, snacks) are at the customer's expense, unless otherwise specified.
For multi-day outings, ancillary costs such as overnight stays, meals and snacks are at the customer's expense and must be paid directly to the host/restaurateur.


For supervision services, payment must be made directly to the instructor providing the session, in his or her own name or to A2L-PARAPENTE.
This will be stipulated at the time of booking.
Means of payment accepted: cheque, vacation voucher, bank transfer, credit card (secure online payment) or cash.
Special instructions mentioned where applicable.


Our activities are open to all; however, depending on the activity and itinerary, certain conditions must be taken into account (age limit, ability to swim, technical level, physical condition, etc.).
A2L-PARAPENTE does not have the means to check the level of sporting experience of its clients.
It is therefore up to each participant to assess his or her level of fitness in relation to the activities he or she wishes to take part in. To find out about these conditions, please refer to the activity data sheets.
You must not have any medical contraindications to the chosen activity (pregnancy, epilepsy, pace maker, spinal plaques/spindles, etc.).


Each instructor/professional is covered by Professional Civil Liability insurance for his or her own activities and for any costs incurred in the event of a rescue operation.
We strongly advise all participants to take out third-party liability and/or personal accident insurance with the insurance company of their choice for whitewater and/or mountain sports.
In no way can we replace the individual civil liability of each participant.
A2L-PARAPENTE is insured for civil liability for all the activities it offers, and cannot be held responsible for activities booked with other service providers.
In the event of bodily injury, A2L-PARAPENTE and the instructors involved will not be held liable until the victim has been attended to by the appropriate emergency services, and any subsequent hospitalization will be the responsibility of the accident victim's personal insurance company.

The practice of outdoor activities takes place in a specific environment known as "at risk".
Given the specific nature of the activities on offer, each participant is aware that he or she may run certain risks due to distance, isolation and the specific nature of the environment (river, cave, cliff, etc.).
He/she assumes these risks with full knowledge of the facts, and must comply with the rules of caution and follow the advice given by the professionals.
The participant/client is responsible for the equipment loaned to him/her for the activity. The professional cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by the equipment provided.
In the event of theft or damage to the equipment loaned, the participant/customer may be asked to pay compensation for wear and tear or a full refund.
The professionals (instructors) and A2L-PARAPENTE cannot be held responsible for the loss, theft (including from vehicles) or breakage of objects (e.g. glasses, cameras, etc.) that participants may bring with them during the activity and that may occur during the activity.


7.1 Cancellation by the customer

- Cancellation of a reservation at least 30 days in advance: full refund of deposit
- Cancellation within 7 days: 50% of deposit retained
- Cancellation within 2 days of booking: deposit retained
- Cancellation of a reservation on the same day (without legitimate & verifiable reason): the balance will be required & the deposit is retained.
In the event of force majeure and on presentation of proof, A2L-PARAPENTE may reimburse the amount paid, but this cannot be demanded of the customer.
In all cases, the customer undertakes to inform A2L-PARAPENTE of any notifications relating to the booking: organization of the program, change in numbers, delay or cancellation.

7.2 - Interruption during service

In the event of interruption of the service, the customer or participant will not be entitled to any reimbursement.
Any commercial gesture remains at the discretion of the Director.

7.3 - Delay on the part of the customer :

In the event of a reasonable delay on your part, not exceeding half the time of your flight, your flight may be maintained or slightly postponed during the day, depending on availability.
In the event of a delay exceeding this limit, A2L-Parapente Guadeloupe is no longer bound by the contract, In the event of a delay exceeding this time limit, A2L-Parapente Guadeloupe is no longer bound by any obligation to the contract, whether initiated directly or through a reseller, and the Director will propose a new appointment at his discretion, at a flat-rate charge of 50% of the amount of the initial service.
We would like to draw your attention to the preponderance of paragliding weather and road hazards, which we cannot accept on our schedule, and invite you to follow our logistical recommendations.


8.1 - Cancellation

A2L-PARAPENTE instructors reserve the right to cancel or adapt the outing according to weather conditions or the level of participants.
The activity may be cancelled for safety reasons or any other case of force majeure.
In this case, a replacement activity will be organized as far as possible, or an alternative date will be proposed.
If the outing cannot take place, the cost of the activity will be refunded (less a 2E administration fee), without entitlement to any other compensation.
In the event of cancellation by us due to an insufficient number of participants, participants will be reimbursed in full and will not be entitled to any compensation.
In the event of cancellation by us (A2L-parapente) & due to unfavorable weather conditions caused by anticipation or major reasons possibly affecting the safety of customers (trainees and/or passengers), only the deposit will be retained by A2L Parapente and credited to the customer's future attendance; the balance of the service paid by the customer & in accordance with the GTC, will be reimbursed by A2L Parapente.

8.2 - Exclusion

A2L-PARAPENTE instructors reserve the right to exclude any participant who is intoxicated or whose behavior is such as to disturb the smooth running of the activity or compromise the safety of the group.
In such cases, the customer or participant will not be entitled to any reimbursement or compensation.


You will always be given a meeting time and place, whatever the activity.
For the smooth running of the activities, and out of respect for the other participants and the professional who will be supervising you, we ask you to take note of the route sheets and other information sent to you by us beforehand.
Please plan your journeys in advance so as to be punctual.
We tolerate a maximum delay of 15 minutes. After this time, the instructors will leave for their activities and no refund or compensation will be due (see art. 7-3).
º Agree or confirm 3-4 days in advance
º D-1: METEO check-in by calling 06 85 52 13 03 / 0690 584 005 (depending on the season) between 6.45pm and 7.30pm.
º H-1 : check-in TIMING & METEO by a new call from you to the nº given OR by sending an SMS from us between 6.45pm and 7.30pm.
º cancellation - postponement - refund, as applicable.


Unaccompanied minors :

Minors under the age of 14 who are not accompanied by an adult (legal guardian) are not allowed to take part in group activities.
Unaccompanied minors aged 14 to 18 may be accepted for "group" activities, subject to parental authorization and certain conditions (sporting level, ability, etc.).
In this case, a parental authorization form must be signed by the legal representative on the day of the activity.
If the activity requires the minor to travel to the site, transportation must be provided by the legal representative.

Minors for CVL / CLSH / School :

The organization organizing the trip or outing must be able to provide the instructor and a2lparapente with the following for each participant (youth and instructor):
a 25-meter swimming certificate and a certificate of immersion ability
-the health form for each participant.
In addition, A2L-PARAPENTE undertakes to provide the certificates and documents required for the organization of the stay/outing (DDCSPP authorization, insurance, supervisor qualifications, etc.).
Supervision of minors is subject to regulations limiting it to a maximum of 8 young people and 1 activity leader.
Each group of minors must be accompanied by 2 adults, including a center counselor and the activity leader.


The gift voucher is effective upon receipt of the full amount of the service.
The order form is nominative. However, it may be transferred to a person of your choice, provided that you inform us in advance so that we can change the details of the new beneficiary.
The beneficiary of the gift voucher must contact us to book the outing.
The activity on the gift voucher may be replaced by another activity offered by A2L-PARAPENTE, provided that the value of the latter is less than or equal to the activity mentioned on the gift voucher. However, it is possible to take part in an activity of a higher value by paying the difference.
ATTENTION: The gift voucher has an expiration date: the 6-digit activation code transmitted when the PDF-Kdo file is sent. Once the validity period (defined at the time of booking) has expired, the service will be deemed to have been performed and cannot be postponed. The beneficiary and/or purchaser will not be entitled to any reimbursement or compensation. Please refer to Art. 7-3 (cancellation in the event of delay applies here).
The gift voucher and nominative document must be presented on the day of the outing to the instructor in charge of the session, mentioning the specific code, which MUST be written on the card by the giver or recipient.
The outing will be guaranteed if the minimum number of participants required is met, and if weather conditions allow the activity to be carried out properly.


The parties shall endeavor to resolve amicably any difficulties that may arise in the performance of the contract. If no amicable agreement can be reached, all disputes relating to the validity, interpretation and performance of the present agreement will be governed exclusively by the rules of French law.
All disputes of any nature whatsoever shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the French civil and commercial courts, including summary proceedings. Tribunal de Grande Instance de Pointe à Pitre for Guadeloupe & de Bonnevilles for Haute Savoie.

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